Preparatory department

Preparatory department

The preparatory department at Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy has been teaching foreign citizens since 1990. For the period of its existence, there were more than 1000 graduates from 36 countries of the world: Jordan, Angola, Iran, Nepal, Israel, Palestine, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, the USA, Canada, China, etc.

Foreign students’ training at Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy is carried out by highly skilled staff. All preparatory course lecturers are engaged systematically and successfully in methodological and scientific work.

Modern material and technical basis, high level of teaching staff and high-grade conditions for mastering of the training program are important conditions of foreign students’ high-quality preparation. All listeners of the preparatory course are provided with scientific and methodical literature. The efficiency of the educational process depends on the educational facilities, especially modern technologies. Preparatory department listeners study in computer and language classes according to the original programs created by departments of Medical Biology, Medical and Biological Physics, Biochemistry, Language Training. The preparatory department of Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy has 2 computer classes equipped with 12 modern training programs including various tasks, exercises, theoretical and practical materials aiming to help to study and consolidate grammatical material of each language section.

The teaching staff takes into consideration the culture and behavior differentiations of the listeners in the study process. While working with foreign students teaching the staff of DSMA considers the complexity and duration of the adaptation process to Ukrainian way of life, understanding of the Ukrainian national traditions, Slavic culture and mentality as a whole. For the successful implementation of educational work with foreign students of different grade levels, the systemic approach is used. The language study has a leading place in preparatory training. One of the most important aspects is studying medical terminology in different subjects.

An important role in the work of the preparatory department is given to educational work, both in the training process and out-of-class work. Considering that the most important period of adaptation falls in the first year of life in Ukraine lecturers include 2 important components in their pedagogical activity: informative training and entertainment. The teaching staff of the preparatory department at Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy helps students-foreigners not only within the educational process but also in everyday life. The New Year’s holidays, national and religious holidays, parties of Ukrainian and foreign students strengthen international friendship in the academy.

Duration of the Preparatory program:

Preparatory department for international students would lasts for a period not exceeding 10 months (a full academic year).

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