Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy aims to be distinguished and pioneeringĀ in the fields of pharmaceutical education, scientific research, and civil society service within the framework of sustainable development at the local and regional levels.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is committed to developing a distinguished pharmacist who can compete in the labor market, improving the pharmaceutical industry, preparing scientific researches that are compatible with the axes and goals of sustainable development, and effectively contribute to environmental development and community service.

Due to effectiveness of its scientific achievements, the Faculty is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as the leader among other faculties of pharmacy in Ukraine. The research projects conducted at the Faculty are focused on the design and manufacture of new synthetic and natural medications, new formulations, improving the methods of physical and chemical analysis used in the introduction of new medicinal products, toxicological analysis. Among the strengths of the Faculty are a relatively young teaching and research staff consisting mostly of pharmacists, high quality of under- and post-graduate education, effectiveness in securing research grants and a well-developed cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry.

The Faculty of Pharmacy has given more priority than ever before to the training of excellent drug researchers. The Faculty exudes a cozy atmosphere, where undergraduate students, graduate students, academic and administrative staff members enjoy a sense of camaraderie, working together and growing by learning from each other. The Faculty of Pharmacy is a Faculty that will not betray the expectations and dreams of its applicants.

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