Faculty of Pediatrics

Faculty of Pediatrics

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy is providing a high-quality pediatrics study. Pediatrics study deserves and demands a very special strategy to be dealt with. DSMA is one of the best places in Europe to that deals in the specific field of pediatrics.

The intensive education of students- pediatricians at theoretical and clinical chairs allows training skilled doctors- pediatricians. Besides studies by an educational program, many students conduct scientific work in groups; work in laboratories, that’s why one can assert boldly that readiness of students to practical activity is quite high in establishments of health protection.

The Faculty of Pediatrics at Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy offers comprehensive training for pediatricians—from medical school to lifelong state-of-the-art learning modules for practicing physicians. The academy’s nationally acclaimed pediatrics faculty provide supportive, innovative instruction and guidance to ensure the success of learners. Pediatrics medical education provides experience in community and general pediatric clinics, giving learners a chance to work with diverse patient populations in a variety of settings.

The faculty prepares students to work in such spheres of healthcare as pediatricians, pediatric surgeons and neonatologists.
Maintaining the health of children and adolescents at a high level is an essential part of the further Ukrainian social and economic growth, that’s why our professionals will always remain in demand.
The graduates majoring in “Pediatrics” have all the necessary skills to work in solving the following issues: healthcare institutions and organizations, mastering in clinical and epidemiological diagnosing, treatment and diagnostics proficiency, provision of medical care at the health clinic stage, provision emergency medical care and prevention of particular diseases, educational initiatives.

Our education programs meet the needs of learners at all levels: undergraduates, medical students, residents, fellows, postgraduate trainees and practicing healthcare professionals.

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