The campus of DSMA is a structural subdivision of the academy. It consists of student dormitories with surrounding areas. The campus provides convenient accommodation for full-time students, international students, interns, Master degree students, resident physicians, Ph.D. students, preparatory course students, and post-graduate students.

Campus administration coordinates the cooperation of administrative office, student self-governance, Vice-Rector for Science, Education, and Social Affairs, tutors council, group curators on the matter of facilities improving, leisure time, cultural and sports activities of students.

Each floor of the dormitory has 3 living wings. There are 3 suites, a common room, a kitchen with essential equipment and a utility room in each wing. The suit contains 2 double occupancy rooms and 2 triple occupancy rooms, a toilet and a shower.

The Internet is available in all rooms of the dormitory. There are also a few libraries there. It also has a new computer room with 30 modern computers connected to the Internet. There is a spacious study hall where the students can prepare for their classes at any time.

The dormitory has its own winter heating system.

The complete renovation of the building has been recently done and each room is fully furnished. There is an administration office, a spacious hall, separate genders showers, a laundry, a computer room, and a study hall. A new dining-hall is going to be opened soon.

There is Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy’s sports complex with its own swimming pool.

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