About Ukraine

About Ukraine

Geographical review

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (after European part of Russia). Ukraine is a country with more than a thousand years of history and traditions that originate in antiquity. The capital is Kyiv (Kiev), located on the Dnieper River in north-central Ukraine.

State language

The only state language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, being of Indo-European family, Slavic group of languages.


Ukrainian flag is composed of two equal horizontal bands of blue and yellow colors symbolizing blue sky and yellow wheat fields.


The climate of Ukraine is temperate continental. The only exception is the southern coast of Crimea, where the climate is subtropical of the Mediterranean type. Warm low-snow winters and rainy summers are specific to the mild climate of the Zakarpatye region. Average winter temperatures in Ukraine vary from -8 to -12oC. The temperature in the southern regions approaches 0oC (32 oF). The average summer temperature ranges from 18 to 25oC (64.4 oF to 77oF). However, it can exceed 35 oC (95 oF) during the day. Frequent weather fronts bring weather changes. Note, however, that clear, sunny weather is typical for Ukraine (up to 230 sunny days per year). Precipitation falls unevenly across Ukraine. The most rainfall is recorded in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains.


Ukraine is very rich in old world culture. With many forms of art and architecture visible throughout the country, it is easy to find something of interest no matter where you are. Ukrainian customs are heavily influenced by Christianity, which is the dominant religion in the country. The culture of Ukraine has been also influenced by its eastern and western neighbors, which is reflected in its architecture, music and art. The Communist era had quite a strong effect on the art and writing of Ukraine. The cultural diversity is refreshing, leaving your senses of life, of humanity, broadened and enlightened. Ukraine‘s people are as curious about you, as you are about them

You would be impressed with quantity and quality of restaurants here – national Ukrainian cuisine, European entrees, Italian Pizzerias or just fast food. Most restaurants have affordable prices even for a traveler of modest means.

Ukrainian cuisine restaurants become more and more popular with traditional Borsch – red and green, several kinds of Ukrainian Vareniki (dumplings) stuffed with potatoes, mushrooms, all kinds of meat or cheese, Golubtsy (cabbage rolls) – cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, meat, carrot and fried onion, usually served with sour-cream, jellied meat with horse-radish, suckling pig, stuffed fish and plenty of other Ukrainian specialties. Ukrainian cuisine is rich of natural components grown in the fertile Ukrainian soil. Tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet onion, lettuce, peaches, watermelons, apples, grapes – all vegetable and fruits produced in Ukraine taste marvelous.

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